Big doors are opening…

This was my last Instagram post before we found out my son, Theo, had leukemia. It seems silly now… big doors opening to Children’s hospital? We spent two weeks in Mexico over the holidays. It was beautiful as always. I came home feeling refreshed and recharged for the new year ahead. Well, life happens, whether you are ready or not. So here we are. I don’t think anyone can ever prepare themselves for cancer. Not even Spiderman. But we are strong, we are brave, we are champions.

I am opening the doors to my heart and mind with this blog. It is my way to keep friends and family updated with Theo’s leukemia treatment. A way to for me to express my feelings and share my family’s adventure. Welcome to my blog.

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“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.”

Published by kavila38

The mother of the beautiful, smart, best rhymer of all timer boy with leukemia hoping to keep friends and family informed of my son's progress through treatment while also expressing my feelings and making poetry

One thought on “Welcome

  1. Kelly, Luis, and Theo
    We love this blog and the ability to hear from you. We’d love to call sometime, but know that every day is full and probably scheduled to a T. Plus, your downtime to process and deal with the stress are important to have together to relax and enjoy the good. If you want to call, please do. We’d love to Facetime with Theo and blow him some kisses.
    That said, you are in our conversations daily. Sometimes just a few words of wondering or caring deeply for the strength to carry this load. We’re confident it will improve and Theo will be that rambuncous, growing, and happy child again. All three of you are such troopers and we admire you so much. Sharing your load with us is important and we hope you find strength in our caring and love.
    As things progress and improve, and we are able to see the three of you, please let us know. We realize it will be months before that time, but we’ll be standing by to give big hugs and releaving some of your burdens with relaxing and rejuvenating times. If there is something we could send to Theo to help him through all the tiredness, entertain him some, or just let him know we’re thinking of him, please let us know.
    We’re part of your Army of Love and Support always. We look forward to a walk around the lake, or pond on the farm! with all three of you in the near future. Cate and Terry


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